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  • The 7 Deadly Sins Of Weightlifting — Join over 10,000+ people who have downloaded this beginners guide and start YOUR journey today!
  • 5-Part “How To Snatch” CourseA full 5-day tutorial on how to go from clueless to contest-ready on the snatch in less than a week.
  • Community SupportOur community is helpful, supportive, and makes learning FUN!
  • Daily Workouts — You’ll always know exactly what to do and how to do it.
  • Best of the Best Guidesa HUGE organized reference-guide to some of our best articles and video tutorials that lay out a comprehensive path for your strength training strategy.

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Practice, dedication, results:

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  • Some of them are national-level competitors (like Smitty, above)
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No matter what level you’re starting at, we’ll take you to the next one and beyond.


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Weightlifting Academy Interviews
David Dellenave

Weightlifting For Smart People

We dive deep into the minds of the smartest coaches to give you the inside scoop on what works, what don’t, and how to make faster progress.

Nick Horton Divorce

Mind + Body = Power

You’re a real person… Your training should reflect that. Our lessons are designed to teach Strength in ALL its forms.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

“I owe this progress in very (very very!) large part to you and your phenomenal teaching ability. I’m quite serious: if you can coach a 54-year-old far-from-genetically-gifted beginner to do this, you have got what it takes, in spades.” – – John Mosby

“Nick, I enjoy your work. You have a salient voice among coaches in the strength world. Keep up the great work.” – Sean Waxman, (Waxmansgym.com)

“So I just want to say thank you. Thank you for this, thank you for your site, thank you for your upbeat attitude and as somebody who actually loves what they are doing… Thanks again. You are the man…I love your site/vids. So motivational.” – Max

“Anyone who talks about O lifting, Vodka, Oscar Wilde and meditation has me at hello.” – Dan John, (DanJohn.net)

“Here’s what I think about your program: it’s f’ing kick-ass” — Chris Youssefi, after gaining 100 pounds on his squat in less than a month via Squat Nemesis

This damn 21 Day Challenge is working way more than I could have expected! … I know there’s a science behind this protocol, but there is some “weird shiznit” gonig on … And I like it!” – Coach D

“For the last month I’ve been doing Front Squats daily as per Nicholas Horton’s 21 Day Challenge. It’s a great program and I highly recommend it if you have the inclination and time to make it happen. I’ve gone up 50 pounds” – Jarlo

“I’m very grateful for all the help you have given me, I’m a true believer in you.” – Jack Yee

“Dude, I am reading through the book (Samurai Strength) now and it’s just amazing … can’t thank you enough for writing it.” — JC Deen (JCDfitness.com)

I’m a week away from defending my dissertation, and all these long heavy workouts are keeping me remarkably calm and focused. I definitely appreciate your work!” — Sara

“I’ve been amazed with the results.” – Saski

“I am learning so much! … Thanks for providing an avenue for learning Olympic lifting that otherwise would not be available to me.” – Molly